Shades of the Prole Rainbow

There’s a gallery over at the Business Insider showing a tent city in the woods of New Jersey where about half a dozen dozen people eek by in a prolish shantytown.

What’s most interesting about the town is the different level of effort and ingenuity each inhabitant puts into his/her respective dwelling.  Although all these people are financially destitute, the quality of their housing still ranges from spartan, to pigpen, to cozy, to outright practical.   What it shows is that even in a prole rainbow, there are still varying shades of intelligence, ingenuity and personality that bring different qualities of life to the surface for all to see.


Chomsky, Rocker Part Ways

In an August 15th interview with Luis Fernando Cardenas of Guernica, entitled, “Drug Cartels and the Growing Border War,” Chomsky somersaults off his rocker when responding to this question:

Guernica: Do you think it’s wrong for a sovereign country like the United States to make every reasonable effort to stop and deport illegal immigrants from entering the country?

Noam Chomsky: It’s an interesting question to ask about the United States, where everyone is an illegal immigrant — everyone except the people in Indian Reservations. […]

Unfortunately, Chomsky, in his old age, forgot to include the sources backing that claim.  Unless he provides the requisite footnotes, how will I know which volume of Native American Immigration Law to begin with?

It could take years to locate the exact law given the multitude of legislation written by the Native Americans.

Blacks with Terrorist Names and the Victimhood Totem Pole

Otham Karim, a Ugandan-born Swedish citizen of 30 years claimed “that his visa application has been delayed because his name is on a list of suspected terrorists” and naturally sprang for the nearest “R” word fire alarm, saying, “This is another form of the racism I’ve experienced previously.  Now I’m not only a svartskalle [lit. blackhead], but I’m also a terrorist.”

Apparently, some Swedes had called him derogatory names somewhere in his past, so that means he’s lived life in the shadow of oppression, making this visa situation all the more distressing.  Funny, I’ve been called all sorts of nasty things by non-whites, but the tacit consensus is that I’m white, so it doesn’t really matter.

Karim continued, noting, “Everyone in my family got their visa within a week. But not me.”  As you can see, it’s clearly racism that’s the issue here, not his name. [I’m the only one bold-ing these quotes, btw.]

In an attempt to atone for the double-whammy Karim has received, the Swedish royal family and ruling political coalition are considering christening him St. Karim Luther King von Öppression, and giving themselves 100 lashes each.  Meanwhile, the ominous visage of Dr. MLK Jr. the First-est the Greatest the Only-est Sr. looks on, unimpressed.

In light of this story, it is imperative that we allocate a space near the top of the victimhood totem pole for blacks with terrorists’ names.  That brings us ever closer to finding just who sits at the top, which is looking more and more like someone who is a black, female, foreign, pygmy, handicapped, uneducated, poor, part Jewish, (gay?) single mother who has a terrorist’s name.

The search continues.

Oppression in the Animal Kingdom

If entire branches of study, entire professorships, entire life works are spent trying to understand and unravel human-on-human injustices (e.g. feminist and ethnic studies programs), then why aren’t there fields of study dedicated to reducing injustices seen elsewhere in the animal kingdom?

The closest we’ve got are efforts to aid endangered species, but there’s so much more inequality slipping through our pious hands!  Chimpanzees are much more brutal with each other than most humans.  Where are the crusaders for chimp justice, or are they all cultural relativists?  Female lions have to do much of the hunting but don’t always get to eat first.  Where are the feminist lion-mane burners?

And just think of all the social constructs (like this masculine-feminine nonsense) in need of deconstruction throughout the animal kingdom!  We’ve a mountain of work before us, comrades!

Costume-Marxists vs. Costume-Nazis

In a civilized country, no matter how uncivilized the debate between opposing factions is, the first side to throw a punch or light a fire is the biggest loser since, as noted, we’re talking civilized societies.  Exceptions may apply, but finding non-sequiturs and what ifs with a magnifying glass is too tedious for this post.  We’re talking generally, and of generally civilized societies.

Who would be more likely to start a fire or throw a punch, costume-Marxists or costume-Nazis?

Who are Antifascists?

Often hailing from the extreme left of the political spectrum, antifascists are a curious bunch.  Whereas those on the left tend to be nancy boys who eat tofu burgers and sip chai tea, the antifascists are an unusual upwelling of meathead testosterone junkies fulfilling an adrenaline (and self-importance) quota.  “The world will fall to its knees once it sees my tough, anti-racist fist-pumping.”

When one watches videos of their demonstrations, the mind tends to associate their behavior with football hooligans, (less violent) black flash mobs and, dare I say it, even the neo-Nazis they profess to detest.  Chest-beating nationalism has merely been replaced with chest-beating antifascism.  Antifascists are ardent haters of hate, eager to smash all intolerance with their tolerance mallets.

One wonders what antifascists are actually protesting against in countries like Sweden, where there is a sizable antifascist network.  Fighting the evils of boredom, perhaps?  Fighting police jingoism with flares and cool black and red flags?  Blasting the cold weather with stylish hooded sweaters and bandannas?  It all seems about as fictional as a game of Cowboys and Indians, the antifascists being the cowboys and racists the Indians, of course…  Or is it the other way around?

What’s particularly funny about antifascism is that, like in the Swedish example, minority groups that the antifascists call themselves in to protect against the cops aren’t welcomed by the minority groups but are in fact beaten and turned away.  In the following video, taken from Zngr’s extensive commenting over at the Irish Savant’s blog, the antifascists ended up holed up at a local McDonalds after being beaten up by minority group members and in need of police protection:

PROJECT: RECLAIM ROSENGÅRD!! In [response to minority youths burning down their own areas], police established [a] heavy presence in the area. Alas, left antifascist thugs oppose such fascist police oppression (after all, if “youths” want to burn the town up, it is only their right to do so as a response to the oppression of police who attempt to prevent them from burning up the area – wait, are we going in circles here) and in July invaded Herrgården to “reclaim” the area. Unfortunately, the immigrant gangs did not respect radical antifascist any more than they respect police or firemen, and proceeded to beat them up. Eventually, the police had to save the left-wing “activists” (as MSM calls them), who took shelter in, prepare to laugh, a local McDonalds restaurant.

(Skinny) Alcoholic Russians

Light drinkers, teetotalers and Mormons living in the Anglosphere will surely feel an ounce of pride when watching the following video on Russian alcoholism.  They will watch and think, “That’s why Russians are dwindling, the drunken bastards.”  They have a good argument indeed.

But what the righteously alcohol-free will likely overlook is Russians’ relative thinness despite their bad drinking habits.  The pious will scourge alcoholism out one side of the mouth, whilst stuffing the other side with three-too-many slices of pizza and sitting in front of either the TV or computer for 10 hours straight.

What Russians do to their livers, the overweight do to their hearts.